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Re: life in the empires

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^Excellent, another loyal servant of the Union!
Welcome citizen.

I do wonder about the status of our client worlds and their relationship with the rest of the Union, are they as... troubled as Bajor or do they enjoy a more equal and productive role in the empire?
Indeed--that is also something I have wondered about. Perhaps the time of first contact has something to do with it as well? Understand I do not speak ill of the Union at any stage in its history ( ) --but a world encountered when the Union has spread as far as it has most likely would be treated differently from one encountered when the Union was newer...

Well, there was a ...certain amount of unpleasantness due to our early resource requirements and no doubt harsh measures had to be taken but I hope that many worlds in the Union were integrated more successfully than Dukat's failure on Bajor.

(sadly we never got to see the whole Union so we cannot judge its internal affairs accurately)
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