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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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So, Transformers 2: The Search For More Money

Just for my 2 cents on Megan Fox... I just don't see the big appeal. She's not unattractive, yet not attractive either. She just kinda exists, weird.
I think it's because her charatcer, esp in the first film, is this stupid "popular" up-her-own-arse bitch, and I don't find that quality remotely appealing in women.
Plus it looks like the puts her makeup on with a trowel
She's kind of two-faced. I thought she looked great in the first movie and pretty good in this one. But in real life, she gives off a serious "stripper vibe" that I don't find attractive. Kind of like how Angelina Jolie looks diseased all the time.
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