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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

I've been back and forth through this thread reading all the complaints. Now that i've seen the movie for myself, i have a word for all the complainers:

Shaddap and stop whining!

-There was a plot, and it was easy to follow for anyone who pays attention. The holes in it, contrary to popular fiction, are not big enough to drive big robots through.

-There was not too much comedy. It was a good mix of serious and yuks. It was not meant to be nuBSG.

-The fight scenes were fantastic. They were not hard to follow and the robots were not hard to keep track of.

-Anybody looking for racism in this movie is flat out just grasping for shit to complain about.

-I for one, was happy to see the blatant, unapologetic display of American Military might allied with the Heroic Autobots against the Evil Decepticons.

-The new robot you wanted to see wasn't on the screen long enough? There were more important robots, dude. This was not an ensemble where even the "lower deckers" (a little TNG lingo there) get equal time. Be happy for what you got.

-Any guy not happy to ignore any other faults for a chance to ogle Mikaela needs to turn in his "Guy" credentials. Today.

Do I say it's better than the first? No, but it's almost as good. (Which I know means nothing to those of you who hated the first. See this? I'm pointing to my face. It's my "Don't give two shits what you think" face.)

In closing: Me like. Haters can go buy the DVD of the old cartoon. It's on sale at Target.
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