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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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I just got back from seeing Transformers 2 with a packed house. I've been tracking various reviews, and the online reaction to the movie for the past several days and the feeling has generally been negative or at best mixed, that I have seen.

So imagine my surprise when the audience I saw it with burst into applause at the end. And I too very much enjoyed the movie, more than the first one perhaps, not sure yet. The big-budget action, the huge epic feel, even some of the silly lowbrow humor came off great in the theater.

Don't believe the reviews, don't believe the haters. The movie has a plot. The Twins are not as bad as some people have complained. And the action is some of the most insane stuff ever put onscreen. I swear, they utilized close to every major weapon system in the US arsenal in that final battle.

But I am still puzzled. Usually the internet/critics can give me a feel for how a movie will come across. But for this particular movie the critical response is really at odds with how much the general audience loves it. Rottentomatoes is usually a good barometer, but is wildly wrong this time. And it confuses me as to why that would be the case, is Michael Bay really that hated?

68 from users vs 22 from critics, that's a huge gap.

Star Trek was 95 critics vs 88 users much closer.

So you are correct, my Imax was sold out at 2pm and I couldn't get a seat even. First time I go in the afternoon and can't get a seat. Going next week now.

Here is one part of the answer Megan Fox, her drawing power in a action flick is huge with the boys of all ages.
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