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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Never knew untill checking out forums and the like that this series had such hate? Everybody I've known in real life has enjoyed it and preferred it over DS9 oddly.
On this board there is a solid and active DS9 fanbase,so it might seem that there is only little love for Voyager online. But like you said, in real world it seems that Voyager rules. Welcome, DalekJim!
Voyager's probably far more accessible, thanks to the stand-alone episode approach. DS9's my favorite Trek apart from the original, but I've never really seen it as being in competition with Voyager or TNG. It's not an either/or with me. They're both part of Trek, and both have merit.

Even when I wasn't a fan of Voyager, it wasn't because I thought it didn't measure up to DS9 and TNG, but because I judged the show on its own merits and didn't care for what it was. Now I like it quite a bit of course, but I still love DS9.
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