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Re: manned Mission to Mars discussion

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The figure for 2 trillion is correct.Have you heard of cost over runs?
Yes, people know of cost over runs, however, just a blanket statement of 2 trillion being the end correct cost isn't viable, since nothing has been attempted at all. Would you like to show how you got to a figure of 2 trillion? Calculations with sources, please.
Previous studies have shown cost over run ratios of between at least 3 to 10.The figure i gave is the weighted average of these.

Study date used included the Osprey,the F22,the ISS,Apollo program,Star Wars missile defence and the Abrams tank as well as the wait for it..The Space Shuttle Turkey!

Also you have not even taken into account INFLATION and technical difficulties.So my figure of $2 trillion is not exagerration but conservative.

The people who pulled the $450 billion got it from their ass as no way in hell is that enough.It is simply a ruse to get funding.
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