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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Racial Caricatures

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No offense, but I've never understood this argument. Considering their much more tragic history in this country, it seems perfectly reasonable to me that we SHOULD be a lot more sensitive to them over other groups.

I always have to cringe everytime I hear some white dude complain about how rough we have it in this country.
Why? treating people special because of their race is still discriminatory.
Maybe on a purely technical level, but we're not a bunch of robots here. To act like discrimination against whites is no different than discrimination against blacks greatly diminishes what their culture went through in this country (and the effect it continues to have on current generations).

I just find it strange how eager some are to brush that history aside, and pretend we're all magically on the same level playing field now where the past doesn't matter.
It's not so much brushing history aside, as saying "Yeah, it happened, now lets move past it."
Pretending it never happened isn't the way, but dwelling on it isn't either. Equality means equality, not special rights for everyone who's not a white man.
And no, I'm not saying "poor little white man, losing all the perks" I'm saying if everyone is equal then treating some people as though they're special breeds problems, not solves them.
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