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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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Welcome, new people!

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I'm going to see it tonight at a local cinema. They're showing it tonight in the English original, yay!

At the risk of sounding extremely stupid...does this mean that other countries show the movie dubbed? I find this "fascinating". (OUCH!) And surprising! I never knew!
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not all of them dub it. it depends.
Yeah, it varies by country. In Germany, for example, where Iasius lives, the people who did the German-speaking voices for some Trek series gained a certain celebrity status of their own and make convention appearances.

I think I recall someone saying about the Italian dub for one of the later Star Trek trailers that they recognized some of the voices as being those of popular dubbing actors.
I had no idea! Pretty funny that the dubbers gained their own popularity/notoriety~ Thanks for answering my question~
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