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Re: manned Mission to Mars discussion

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Not sure how to address this. NASA obviously knows whether or not they have the means to deal with cosmic rays, and it's not been presented as a major stumbling block in any of their manned Mars proposals thus far, so I assume they have a workable solution in mind.

Well yes NASA has mentioned as it a major stumbling block in their manned proposals. The other one being cost of course.

I can tell you for sure that NASA scientists now think it's one of the major engineering challenges. It's a stumbling block in the sense that NASA won't do a manned mission to Mars until the magnitude of the radiation risk is well-known. Right now there is a large uncertainty. If risk turns out to be great (which some of them already think so) then some sort shielding must be included in the final plan. No it can't be lead because of mass issue. There are plenty of technical documents (both public and private) from NASA dealing with this topic. No I don't get my information from the Discovery channel or any space news media.
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