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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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I think this is a bad analogy. A CD is not trying to synthesis sound from scratch that sounds like real sound. A model has weight. The light hits it just right. Its a real object. A CG model is and it render engine is trying to simulate that real thing. Yes, the CG is more flexible, but it is also a less than accurate representation of the model.
EDIT ADDON: just saw the pics above. I'd say 5 & 10 are photos of the model, and 8 probably. The blurry ones I won't guess at, though, just cuz they're blurry, which hides a multitude of sins (and artifacts.)

But the whole point of CG is being able to do things which are impossible with a model, or would take so much time and money with one that they are unpractical.
If that really was the whole point, then we'd still be doing all the other things with miniatures, because you'd be choosing the proper solution for a given shot, rather than just sweeping the whole list into the CG bag.

By doing beauty shots in CG, you're competing with physicality, reality, plus all the happenstance stuff you can't program for. Distant shots, fleet shots, ... sure, use CG, just like in pre-digital days you could use photo cutouts and animated them in views that don't involve perspective change. But close in stuff, or pyro stuff ... usually doesn't work as well, unless you are using huge files, 8k or more, and finishing at 4K, not 2K. And even then the artists have a lot of variance.
Except that pyro stuff and explosions are perfect for CGI. You can't blow up a physical model unless you have a MASSIVE, MASSIVE budget that allows you to continue building new models and blowing them up again and again. Result being; the only thing you see is an explosion and nothing else - as they remove the model so it doesn't get destroyed - only the orange ball of fire you'll see. CGI allows you to blow up ships, and send pieces of them flying away and such.
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