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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

In terms of overall TV viewers B5 was never more popular than DS9, it wasn't even close (DS9 ratings were around double that of B5). DS9 was always in the top 3 among 1 hour syndicated shows (including 3 seasons as #1) while B5 more or less dropped out of the rating charts after the first few episodes of its second season. And serialization of a syndicated series is not helpful in that regard as it turns off casual viewers, and both shows had their best ratings in their earlier seasons. As for popularity among hard core sci-fi viewers, I guess that's up for debate. B5 was clearly more popular among Hugo voters.

Berman was very much against serialization of DS9. He wanted them to end the Dominion war after a few episodes, the writers had to battle with him to keep it going.

The debate about Vinyl vs CD or CGi vs models is interesting. But I don't care if they use models or CGI, as long as they create an HD version of the TNG I'll be happy.

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