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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

about why leave kirk on the planet..

hmm not only was spock not working on all cylinders but he may have
been afraid kirk would just escape from the brig.

As for Kirk . . . what is this guy’s problem? Confronting the Captain on the Bridge? Kirk would have never tolerated any officer or crewman doing the same to him.
not only was this a younger kirk looking at trying to do something before earth is destoryed we actually see conflict on the bridge during tos..
especially between bones and kirk.

And after meeting Old Spock, the latter reveals his knowledge of a nearby Starbase.
my thought is that he pulled that out of his mindmeld with Kirk. Kirk knew the fact, Spock had not... before the mindmeld.
uh where did he get the thing that nero marrooned spock two days before the destruction of vulcan.
and even if he did leave him a couple of days before i am pretty sure nero would make sure spock was no where near the outpost.
frankly one dosnt walk very fast through the snowy waste like that planet.
as to how spock knew about it (he tells young kirk he was headed toward it) spock may have seen it as they flew around the planet before he was left.
or he may have just remembered it.


And could someone please tell me why the cadets assigned aboard the Enterprise were wearing the same uniforms as the regular crew . . . instead of cadet uniforms? They had not graduated from the Academy.
seriously how much did you watch tos or the movies based on it.
cadets were supposed to have served aboard a ship while still a cadet.
they wore a uniform similar to other crew while doing so if they were at a certain level in the academy.

we see this with saavik in khan.
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