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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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I adore the first 2 series but then the show really lost it's way .
I would have thought you were mad for saying that three months ago but recently I attempted to rewatch RD and I stopped at the end of the third season. The first two seasons were better than I remembered, it was like the odd couple in space, but then I found that third season to be a let-down. I know that seasons 3-5 are considered the high-point of the show, but I have much more respect for seasons 1&2 now.

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I was on the coast road and then I turned left but I took the wrong road. I ended up in the town I was trying to get to but I reached it from a different angle, that's how I went left instead of right. Then I found myself on the main roadway that I thought I had already passed and there was no signs indicating which way was which, so I went right in an attempt to get back to the town again but instead I ended up in a different town from a different angle. It turns out I was heading north when I thought I was going south!!!

That's a story of a drive I took three weeks ago which went awry, and I bring it up because I found this episode of Voyager to be so boring I ended up trying to trace the journey of three weeks ago on my laptop rather than pay attention to the episode. Does anyone really believe Voyager is getting home? Does anyone really believe Voyager is going to remain trapped in the space monster? Did anyone care about what was happening on screen? Because I didn't.
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