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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

I forgot to post here.

I was raised on TOS. We went to see all the movies, and we'd religiously watch TNG when it was out. I never quite got into DS9 (as I really liked Babylon 5 at the time), and Voyager totally lost me. I went to see Generations and First Contact, but after that, I just wasn't as into Trek as I once was. So I missed out on Enterprise, though now, I'm thinking I might have to go back and watch that one.

I was excited about the Star Trek movie, partially because of casting (especially ZQ for Spock, since I'm a Heroes fan). I'd say I love TOS and TNG about the same: hard for me to choose. The new movie has rekindled my interest, and I've been catching TOS when I can. I adore some of the montages put together and placed on Youtube. Lots of fun there.

It's a big thing for me to see the same movie twice. I hadn't done that in a long time... And I did that with Madea Goes To Jail, because it was so funny and yet so deep. So for me to be going to see ST2009 tonight for the 4th time is pretty big!! But I would have seen it more, had I the opportunity. Tonight's the first night I'm driving since I messed up my ankle, in early May.

I've been enjoying the threads, here, and I'm grateful for how welcoming everyone's been, too. Thanks, y'all!
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