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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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Yeah...that is the question of the day. There are a few good things about doing an animated episode...the audio is separate from the video. In other words, we were able to put an edit together for sound and music without having all of the artwork completed. That is the good news. Act1 is 'done' with regard to sound and music, and literally needs only 3 more 'head shots' completed before we call this 100% done. Act 2 just went to sound and music, and the are a few head shots on that one needing completion as well. Act 3 (the final act) is 90% edited, and I expect to be done with that within the next week or so.

Since this is a volunteer effort I really hate to give a specific time as it puts pressure on those folks who are helping. However, if everything goes as I plan and Act 3 comes back before the end of July, we can probably do a release at that time. We may be showing Act 1 at Shoreleave in Maryland next month, and we should be well and done before DragonCon in September (May even have a trailer for the next episode by then).

Thanks for your patience. These are coming along nicely, and I think everyone will enjoy them when they are released.
Thanks for letting us know. Be sure and have a nice big spash when they are ready for distribution.

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