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Re: Fallout 3 dlc Point Lookout available on XBL

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I waltzed into Point Lookout at level 28, having recently eliminated the Enclave threat from the capital wastes. I expected to brush these backwater yokels away like flies but cripes........the tribal people were beating the shit out of me, haha.
I swear they have much more health than any Enclave troopers, and they don't even have armor....
It was taking me 4 head shots with a Plasma rifle, I ended up going back to my trusty old Lincoln Repeater and using the double barreled shotgun if they got close.

Maybe they purposely tuned it in such a way that they want you to put away your Telsa Cannons and Plasma Rifles and want you firing buckshots and 10mm rounds into the enemies, especially since I am guessing Mothership Zeta will have alien blaster type weapons. I mean, I did notice they have your NPC partner stay behind in the Capital Wasteland so they seem to have a specific playstyle in mind. Or cripes, maybe I have been a pansy this whole time and didn't realize it because Fawkes was killing everyone for me, haha.

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Any talk of them raising the level cap again? My character is sitting at level 29, and I'd have to flush away more experience points if they're upping the cap again with another release later this year...
If you'd asked if more DLC was on the way after Broken Steel came out I'd have said "No way" but here I am 2 months later playing Point Lookout, waiting for Mothership Zeta.
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