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Re: manned Mission to Mars discussion

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A waste of money going to mars.what is the point.
noknowes if you have nothing to add to the topic then please do not respond. This is a topic about a planned mission, not about the politics involved with funding space exploration.
We know the mission date may change and I specifically left out any dollar figures as we know those change on a project like this.

Back on topic, a 30-month mission being 2 1/2 years is a long time and that means a number of redundant systems in case of failure.
From disaster scenarios of 2000 mars mission films like Mission to Mars, Red Planet
There are a number of issues with a major 4 year 2-mission interplanetary project.
Exactly my point.THE COST WILL BE FANTASTIC.w are bankrupt already thanks to the greedy bankers.may they get just their deserts soon.

i curse them all to die a slow,horrible death for the massive misery they have caused to everyone.

no one in the current economic climate is going to fund a mars is absolutely no ,no and no.

the cost will exceed 2 trillion dollars.

chemical costs are expensive,ugly and have very poor load.2% load.the rest is fuel!

this makes them very expensive for mars.

nasa is run by conservatives who have failed over the last 50 years to develop any alternatives to chemical rockets with better load factors.

some say nasa is bound by its managers not to develop alternatives as the contractors have promised them jobs once they jump ship keeping the contractors pockets lined with rocket orders.this is called corruption.
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