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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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I can't speak for Oso Blanco, but personally I won't lose sleep over never being able to see Deep Space Nine in high definition. I'm happy with my DVDs. As for future means of releasing the show, I'm not really convinced that the only way to get the series to Blu-ray is by updating the effects. I'm all for remastering the picture and sound quality. But don't mess with the effects.
I absolutely agree. I won't be watching TOS with new effects and I won't be watching DS9 with new effects. If that means that I'll never see it in high definition, then that's the way it is.
Um... you do know that remastered TOS on blu-ray features the original FX from the 60s, right? You knew that, right?
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Yes, it would ruin it for me. When I'm watching a movie or a tv show, I want to see the original effects. Each movie/show is a product of its time, and it should be appreciated as such. I also won't be watching Casablanca in colour or any other attempt at "improving" old movies.
Funny you mention Casablanca. I just watched it on blu-ray, remastered in high-definition. This is the way it looked in theaters originally. Nothing was changed. If you haven't seen Casablanca on blu-ray, you really haven't seen it.

If you can, watch Casablanca on blu-ray. Then you'll finally get what remastering in HD is all about.
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