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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Frankly, I've long been sick of analog nostalgia. You know, "models are better than CGI", "vinyl LPs are better than digital", all of it. Maybe these things were true once upon a time. I don't care they aren't true now.
It ain't nostalgia, but it IS your loss if you can't tell the dif.

Me, I can't tell with audio, but I sure as shit can tell with visuals. New tech ain't necessarily better tech ... it is often just easier, cheaper or faster to make and market.

Oh, and you left out, 'physical is better than virtual' ... that's another bit you can rail against, and I'll quite happily enjoy handcrafted models and sex with organic women over whatever it is that is coughed up as the trendy replacement of the week.
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