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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Gravity (**)

Watch this video. Did anybody notice what was wrong there? That's correct, nobody put up a warning sign and that poor cyclist ended up cycling into a big pit of water. The aliens in this episode said that they knew of this subspace sinkhole for a year and they lost a number of ships to it. Do you see where I'm going with this?

This episode does too much too quickly and ends up not doing anything well. Tuvok and Nos are supposedly in love but they have so little chemistry together that I wouldn't have been able to tell if it it hadn't been for everybody saying so. Part of the problem is how little time is spent developing their relationship; they meet and then the story skips ahead to months later and suddenly they're in love.

Too much time was wasted on pointless story points such as Janeway and the mean aliens who are trying to close the sinkhole, Nos and the mean aliens who are attacking for godsonlyknowwhatreason, and flashbacks into Tuvok's childhood. The flashbacks themselves are okay, but they don't add enough to the story to justify taking time away from the romance plot. Then it ends with the simple resolution of having Tuvok mind-meld with Nos and her leaving Voyager with a smile on her face. It might have helped her out had he just don't that a month ago.

This is an episode with good intentions but it crams so much into 45 minutes that it crashes back to Earth at 9.81m/sē.

Terrible math joke is terrible.

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