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past Star Trek and Future canon

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Star Trek has embedded itself in the American psyche pretty deeply

Forever? Probably not. But we have an easy fifty years left
I totally agree.

The canon of TV & Movies put onto DVD and now Blu-ray will exist worldwide for decades to come. Once DVD and BD formats become obsolete the shows/feature films themselves will just be copied to another medium but the MPEG2 and AVC MPEG-4 encodings will be able to be played by media file players for many decades.
MPEG-21 Part 9 setup in the year 2002 will be the next file format after MPEG-4. All of the Trek canon will be playable once converted to MPEG-4 or MPEG-21.

We can expect another 25 years of Star Trek canon to be produced under the Star Trek franchise name.
Whether it is produced for TV, web, or cinema distribution does not really matter. In the future with all video content on-demand it would play on most people's 3 devices: mobile phone/PDA, computer with 20" screen, HDTV with 50" screen. It will exist as a digital video file.

After another quarter century we will still have entertainment content producers making 2D and 3D entertainment content video. Whether Paramount merges or is bought by another company is up to history.
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