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Re: Infinite Crisis Lead-Ins

Hermiod wrote: View Post
^Honestly, I wish I could help you because I asked that question myself. Unfortunately, I found that even if you had read every single book DC had ever published, Infinite Crisis still wouldn't make sense.
I think you are confusing Infinite Crisis with Final Crisis. Soon to be followed by The Really Final Crisis of Infinite Proportions.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
There were four lead-in mini-series and then a million tie-ins in the regular series. The four minis were OMAC Project (very important pretty good), Day of Judgement (somewhat important entertaining), Rann-Thanagar War (completely unimportant but alright) and Villains United (the actual story has little to do with IC but it's damn entertaining). The most important tie-in trade to get would be Superman Sacrifice but those events are covered in OMAC indirectly. The IC Companion trade collects the "specials" that wrap up the 4 mini-series but they're not really necessary. The Superboy/Luthor story happened in Teen Titans / Outsiders: The Insiders but reading that isn't terribly important to IC. Identity Crisis was the initiation of the larger storyline but it's only indirectly tied to the actual plot.
I was wondering about Rann-Thanagar War. I basically want stuff that sets up the playing field we have in IC (ie. the four lead-ins). Thanks for the info!
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