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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I am tossing around in my head the idea of doing Excelsior next... though it is in a tight fight with Miranda. First, I'm going to finish Enterprise.
Obviously the choice is yours, but a number of people have made efforts to map out the Miranda, albeit in 2D. The Excelsior is a clean slate, as far as I'm aware, which might make it more fun to work on.

FaltorPan & CTM,
Shocking for me to say but Excelsior deserves it more than Miranda.
CTM, have you learned to do fly by's in CAD yet?
My reason for doing the Miranda has more to do with having an available "set" for my role-playing group than anything else. I will be using this Enterprise as a set for a refit of the FASA Constitution class when it is finished, and a Miranda would be a good choice as a contemporary. I imagine it would be easier to do than Enterprise, as it is not nearly as complex a fitting problem - nor do we have as many visible interiors of the Miranda's as we do of the Enterprise to have to find a way to fit inside.

The Excelsior is a good choice for the reasons stated, but my role-playing group won't have need of an Excelsior for quite a while. I figure I could throw together a Miranda by using much of the primitives from this model, and then take Cary L Brown's approach to the TOS Enterprise and apply it to the Excelsior.
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