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Infinite Crisis Lead-Ins

About a year ago, I read the Infinite Crisis trade. I really liked it. Possibly more so than Crisis on the Infinite Earths. However, when reading, there were a few things that I was lost on. I was able to pick up on what I missed, but I do want to get the full picture.

I was reading about all the lead-ins for IC. There are a lot. I was wondering for those who read them, which ones are dead-set important for IC?

Omac Project seems necessary, as does Villains United. Also, from what I understand, Identity Crisis is the more-or-less beginning point for IC. What about Day of Vengeance or Rann-Thanagar War? Without going into spoilers, Day of Vengeance goes into Specter's deal, but I'm not sure about Rann-Thanager War. I gather it is a Green Lantern focused story; not being that into GL, I don't know if I'd totally care for the story.

I am sure all are important in the grand scheme of things (and you may tell me that), but what is absolutely necessary to get the set-up at the beginning of Infinite Crisis?
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