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Re: Official Blurb for The Soul Key

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I'm still about confused about how Jadzia pronounced Virak'kara's name. Then again, it was in the middle of a battle.
Yeah, purely by looking at it, that one seems to buck the trend - i would imagine it as Veer-ak-KAR-ah. <snip>

I always liked the name Ikat'Ika myself. Just sounds cool.
And I think that may have been what she said, but she kinda trailed off at the end?

I liked Ikat'ika and Remata'klan, the latter cuz it seems like something you'd just brush off, not realizing how much trouble you'd be in.

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Onscreen, Jem'Hadar names were generally iambic, with the main stress on the second syllable and a secondary stress on the fourth syllable. I assume Taran'atar's name would be the same.
Did you find it sometimes depended on who was talking? Or was I just not paying attention. it was more/less subtle?

It seemed like Worf used more stress, and Weyoun (and Bashir) barely stressed at all...<snip>
Weyoun has such a silky voice normally, and lower and faster when he's angry, I don't believe he stresses much of anything. Bashir tends to pronounce non-human names differently, anyway: Quark, for instance. I suppose Worf would use more stresses, being a Klingon warrior with a forceful approach to most of life's problems. I don't remember how Jadzia pronounced Virak'kara. I haven't watched my DS9 in far too long.

Hmmm, speaking of Jadzia, I'm reminded that in the episode "Equilibrium", the Trill doctor Renhol pronounced Jadzia with a stress on the first syllable, and the name was much more compact. I've always liked to think that this is the true pronounciation (seeing as it was a Trill on planet Trill using it), and the "normal" way of pronouncing it is how Standard renders the name. Maybe Jem'Hadar names come through different translators differently? This might be why the stresses are different on occasion. Does this make sense, or is it random babbling?
No, you make sense, especially considering what we have to work with- alien names, actors with different accents etc. And yeah, who knows what the Translators do?

Good catch with Worf and Bashir! Ahh... Bashir saying Quark.
I'd think that given Weyoun's long history with the Jem'hadar, he should be able to pronounce them properly, but that might be putting too much mental power into a being that didn't care, by a condecending person.

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I'm still about confused about how Jadzia pronounced Virak'kara's name. Then again, it was in the middle of a battle.
I would expect it to be iambic, as every other Jem'Hadar name I know was. So Virak'kara.

If it were, say, a Japanese name, then it would be pronounced pretty much according to the usual iambic pattern of a J'H name, Temozuma. (Whenever you see a U in a Japanese word, you can assume it's unstressed to the point of virtual nonexistence.) And I recall a special on Native American history in which the name of Mohtecuhzoma (the Aztec ruler generally known as Montezuma) was accented similarly in the narration, with the stresses on the second and final syllables. Not every language uses the rhythms and emphases we'd expect in English.
Thanks, that makes sense. It was always the trickiest for me.

And thanks for posting the Japanese/Aztec history- it's neat!
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