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idea for science docu-reality TV series

A FMARS Field Season lasting 4 months shot documentary style and edited together for 12 episodes for the Science Channel, TVLand, G4, truTV, or Discovery Channel.

Mars Desert Research Station [MDRS]
Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station [FMARS]

They have cameras and have shot stuff themselves.
but bring in an outside professional TV crew of 2 producer-shooters to shoot fly-on-the-wall style. 4 or 5 crews total rotating in and out for 4 or days in a row
No they would not live there, they would work in 12-hour shifts and an occasional 3rd shooter would come by for the outdoor tests/simulations.
Possibly the production would have a insulated mobile home parked 1/2 a mile away for the crews to live for 3 days at a time and then a night at a motel.
All of the beauty shots of the HAB location would be shot in 2 or 3 visits with different weather and a jib/crane along with helicopter shots once or twice over 4 months.

Here is the website of the field season of both locations. The Arctic one would be a lot harder logistically.

A show like MTV's "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" (2004) was shot over 6 months and edited for 12 episodes instead of a competition-based reality series shot over 41 days.

My idea kind of reminds me of MTV's "The Real World" in the early 90's [not the 2000s]
The residents are all scientists.
The activities outside of the HAB would be visually interesting and the relationships of them interacting inside are like "The Real World".
Would it be interesting once edited? What do you think?

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