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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Bride of Chaotica! (**)

NEELIX: Replicators aren't the only systems of convenience offline; we've only got four functioning lavatories for a ship of a hundred and fifty people.
NEELIX: Needless to say, lines are beginning to form. If we don't get unstuck soon we may have a serious problem on our hands, especially with the Bolians. All but three sonic showers are offline, too. In another couple of days...
JANEWAY: I get the idea.
At this point they've been stuck in this subspace thingy for three days, how is Janeway not aware that the toilets are offline? You can't drink that much coffee and not go to the bathroom for 72 hours!

In the 98/99 season there was three episode of Star Trek I remembered downright loathing; Take Me Out to the Holosuite, Bada-Bing Bada-Bang and Bride of Chaotica! When I rewatched those two DS9 episodes on DVD some years back I was surprised by how enjoyable I managed to find them, I now think that Take Me Out... is one of the funniest episodes of Trek. Bride of Chaotica! isn't quite at that level, but it was certainly a more enjoyable experience this time around.

The episode has its funny moments, the best of which is Tom trying to explain the situation to the senior staff, but it also drags on a bit at the end. And I was slightly off-put by having Janeway playing Arachnia. *dodges rotten fruit being hurled my way* The problem is that it was too obvious to me that it was Kate Mulgrew playing Arachnia and not Janeway and it took me out of the experience, in contrast the scene where Shmully plays the President of Earth is a better example of an actor playing an actor playing a role.

*dodges sharp objects*

Speaking of Shmully, he seems to be normal again in this episode thus justifying my major criticism of Latent Image. Now if you will please excuse me I have to flee for my life.
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