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manned Mission to Mars discussion

The cargo lander and surface habitat would be sent to Mars separately, launched before the crew in December 2028 and January 2029.
February 2031, the mission's journey from Earth to Mars would take six to seven months in a spacecraft.
...astronauts could spend up to 16 months on the Martian surface
30-month round trip
28 November 2007

A second mission's habitat and lander will be launched by two Ares Vs in late 2030/early 2031 to reach Mars at the same time as the first crew. In the first quarter of 2033, the second mission's crew will leave Earth to arrive at Mars by December, while the first crew leaves Mars in January 2033 after a 17-month stay, to reach Earth by September

That is the plan so far.
What do you guys think about Nasa's 30-month mission plan? and second mission 2 years later?

Prep work:
Title: Project Ma study for a manned Mars mission in 2031
a manned mission which focuses on building an orbital station around Mars. The advantages in comparison to direct-landing scenarios are outlined and the necessary technology is described. The orbiting station prohibits contamination of and from the Red Planet and houses six astronauts in a 1100 days journey to Mars providing three pressurized modules: two of them will remain in a Low Mars Orbit for further human missions while the third module is used as an Earth Return Vehicle.
Publication:Acta Astronautica, Volume 58, Issue 2, p. 88-104.
Publication Date:1/2006

Spaceward Bound Expeditions are ongoing in places like Arctic Canada, North Dakota, Utah, Austrailia
Mars Desert Research Station
Each Station's centerpiece is a cylindrical habitat, "The Hab," an 8-meter diameter, two-deck structure mounted on landing struts. Peripheral external structures, some inflatable, may be appended to the Hab as well.
Mars Analog Research Stations are laboratories for learning how to live and work on another planet. Each is a prototype of a habitat that will land humans on Mars and serve as their main base for months of exploration
2007-2008 Field Season - Daily Reports & Photos
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