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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

Hey now,
I've been following the Thread now for 3 weeks and I like most here find this an incredible undertaking. I've Worked on AutoCad since I was like 14 year old From R-12 and It's truely an amazing program. I recognized CAD renders immediately. I currently work on 2007, yet I'm just a draftsman, no engineering experience.

This is truely a project that puts you to the test.
I've used CAD to create a solid model of my personally designed ship and I have created an MSD of my ship...but I think this project takes the cake. I can't imagine designing an entire ship inside out or even constructing one like this inside and out.

Do you think it will match it's dimensions as layed out or is it already breaking that model. Might be an intresting analysis of Andrew Probert's work.
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