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Re: Lynda Carter: Genre babe of the week #25 (June 2009)

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My first thought was Angelina Jolie, since I think I remember hearing Fox say something similar about her, but since I'm pretty sure she's already been a GBOW, I had to guess again.

The clue provided by OOMVM helped though. The choice makes sense, although I'm not entirely sure she could be called a "genre" babe... yet. Although she is working on a fairly high-profile genre project right now, which I suppose would make her qualify...
I think Megax Fox is hot. I think a poster should be released of her on that bike. When ever I see the coming attractions for the new TRANSFORMERS movie, and they show her on that bike? That scene gets more ooooos and ahhhs than the FX stuff....

Cant wait to see her in JONAH HEX next year..

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