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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

Voted "below average". Michael Bay seems to be under the impression that people give a big shite about the shallow, inconsistent (and at times nonsensical) story, and to that end, fills the film with bullshit exposition that put me to sleep.

The "giant robots beating the shit out of each other" component, which is what I went to see it for (call me superficial) seemed few and far between, but what there was of the action was awesome and spectacular.

I didn't hate it by any means. But I was largely indifferent to 80% of the film. *shrugs* And I think it could have easily been 45mins shorter.

Plus, some of the puerile, almost Beavis & Butthead level of humour was off putting, to the point where I wondered if Kevin Smith was on staff as a dick joke consultant. 25 minutes in, and I'd counted at least 3 cock themed double entendres, and 1 farting robot.

Now, anyone who knows me on here knows that I love a penis joke as much as the next guy (unless the next guy is Kevin Smith), but even I found it distracting. I thought I might have been exaggerating the humour in my head, perhaps reading way too much into the corny dialogue - but those suspicions were put to bed with:

In summary, it was alright. Just alright. As much as I hate the expression, I'll permit myself to use the (horrid) word "meh" on this occasion. That's what it was, a big steaming pile of "meh". The first one is better imho.

A word about the Imax version: don't bother. Seriously. It's not like The Dark Knight where entire scenes, key scenes, were presented fully in the Imax format. We're talking the odd shot here and here. No complete scene used the full Imax frame and it was rather disappointing. If I'd known how much of an afterthought the Imax version was I wouldn't have bothered going to Glasgow to see it.
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