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You know..there is a you tube video on how the Borg were created. I think it was like the Son'a. First they were a species (I think the queen's species) and then there was a war. And then the species split into two parts. The Borg Part made themselves into cyborgs and starting killing and assimilating everything.
No, the Son'a are far too young to be the Borg, and they're from the Alpha Quadrent.

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The Borg Part made themselves into cyborgs and starting killing and assimilating everything.
I find it difficult to believe a species would intentionally and willingly make themselves the way the Borg are.
It makes much more sense that they were developing nano-probes and cybernetics as a weapon in a war and that it all backfired on them.

Would you freely have limbs chopped off for implants and give your freedom up to a collective consciousness? I certainly wouldn't, no intelligent species in the Trekverse would neither IMO.
Limbs chopped off for implants? Hell yes. A lot of other people would agree, especially those with disabilities which render their limbs useless anyway, but many who are perfectly healthy, as well. Of course, you don't need limbs chopped off for most of the Borg implants, just the big tool arm.

The collective is a bit harder sell, but it depends on how one presents it. I doubt the collective as it is now was the original intent. It might have just been a communication system. Most likely, it was intended to make truely democratic decision making possible, by ensuring that everyone was correctly informed on issues, and that everyone got a vote, but as time wore on it got out of hand, the crushing power of billions of minds who had gotten the implants as children and thus had never really known individuality turned the Borg into what they are now. I doubt that anyone actually considered the possibility before it was too late to do anything about it.
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