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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Personally I'd be against them replacing the ILM model in TNG with a CG Enterprise D because ILM's model is just so perfect. But there are some effects in the first two seasons that can be fixed with CG.
Like Q's net in Encounter at Farpoint?

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The model is great, but you could never appreciate it fully on television. Generations was a revelation in that respect.

It's Probert's design that I love, not the model itself (and not the four footer either).
I agree. I hate the four-foot miniature. The six-footer is much better. Having said that, I'm sure that a far superior rendering of Probert's design could be made -- whether a CGI model or a physical model.
I never actually noticed just HOW big the difference was until I saw the side-by-side at the DrexFiles.
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