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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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How? CBS would hardly be likely to send out film rushes even in the bizarre circumstance that everyone had telecines attached to their computer. And beyond that, the grading would have to be done by professionals watching the whole process and making manual adjustments as they go.

It's not a matter of raw number-crunching. It's a matter of hardware, and of manual processes.
INTERPOLATION SOFTWARE would negate the need for film rushes.

Using this would allow high definition and sharpness.

it takes 300 hours per 1 hour of remaster for a A 3 GHZ DUE CORE home pc to remaster in HD.
Upscaling, in other words. They could do that as-is - hell, if you watch a DVD on any recent LCD or plasma screen, interpolation is necessary to display anything except a small, windowboxed, picture - but it would be of an inherently lower quality than rescanning the film. And not by a small amount.

would fix it.the software would INTERPOLATE AND EXTRAPOLATE from existing footage....which would be frozen as a digital image.

upscaling software WOULD REPRODUCE HD quality without master tapes at all.
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