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Re: Hey, um, anybody see Tuvok? *spoilers for Trek XI*

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Someone is following what I'm saying. It reminds me of the DS9 episode 'By Inferno's Light' where Dax questions the wisdom of going to warp while in a 'solar system'. There's only one Solar System and it's ours... Sol distinctly refers to our sun only. The correct generic term would have been 'stellar system' or specifically the Bajoran System. So following this line of thinking, as far as I can figure is that there must be a colony called Vulcanis on our moon.
other star systems are also called Solar Systems irregardless of the fact our Sun is called Sol.
I don't even believe Sol is an official name for our Sun anyway. The French word for Sun is Sol but other than that I don't believe the Sun has an official name.

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Well the writers have said that the previous generation of characters will still end up being born so I think that Tuvok will be just fine.
and I find THAT really annoying. Clearly in reality the timelines have changed so much there's absolutely no chance the same sperm and egg are going to meet this time around.
I can agree that perhaps their parent still meet and have a child and name that child the same name, so there COULD be a Jean Luc Picard for example but it would not be the same one we came to know.

The writers have no reason to even say they are still born, it's not like they're going to be making a movie set in the future, they could have just either not answered or said no this time they are not born due to the changes. Knowing they are somehow able to still be born makes me feel that Trek hasn't changed that much at all. They've introduced a new timeline and then gone and said the same people still get born, it's completely ridiculous.
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