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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

Saw it last night because I was with a mate who's a huge Transformers fan (I'm not, at least not since I was 8.) Now keeping in mind that I really didn't like the first film at all and that I expected the new one to be utter shite, I though the new one was actually a lot better! There was much less painfully thick dialogue (though, there was less dialogue altogether) there was more action and it started almost right from the outset, the plot actually made some semblance of sense and even I appreciated the little nods to the old cartoon. The presence of soundwave, Starscream behaving more or less in character etc.
On the minus side, I could have done without the comedy relief twins and I'd have rather had seen more of fact I'd have been happier of those roles had been switched. The stuff with the family and the dogs, I could really do without, but that's just me and there were plenty of laughs from the audience in the bits that made me cringe.
Oh and I don't know about anyone else but....
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