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Re: Olivia Wilde: Genre babe of the week #26 (June 2009)

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Nothing. They're just less physically attractive because of the aging process.
So vote "thumbs down", what's the big deal?
Uhh, I did vote thumbs down on Lynda Carter.
As mentioned in the Lynda Carter-thread, AgentRichard 07 won last year's Genre Babe contest and as a prize got to choose three "babes" for this year's contest. One of them was Lynda Carter - for whatever reason, that's his business.

If you don't like his choice, vote thumbs down, comment in the thread and be done with it. There really isn't any more to that.
I'm not the one who brought up Lynda Carter by name. I just remarked that it was nice to see someone under 40.

[and, to further explain my "down" vote for Olivia Wilde - I almost always vote just based on the pictures, regardless of how I feel about the "babe" as a person or anything else, but I'm not that crazy about Wilde (can't really explain why). And - call me petty - but I knew that certain regulars in the Genre Babe-threads, whose voting patterns piss me off, would be literally crazy about her, so I decided to give them some back instead of voting "up" reluctantly. ]
So you're voting based on politics, but want to berate me for voting my conscience along with commentary that explains it?
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