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Re: Olivia Wilde: Genre babe of the week #26 (June 2009)

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Yoda - there is no magic point where a beautiful woman automatically stops being so. It's different for every woman just as it is different for every man.
There's no 'magic point' where someone keels over and dies either, yet nobody manages to live to 150. Being 40 is to hotness as being 100 is to staying alive. Not impossible, but probably best not to plan for it.

As far as Carter is concerned, most of us voted for her based on when she was in her prime. Some posters felt that she's still attractive now and voted based on that, and why shouldn't they ?
They can vote however they want. Doesn't mean I need to be overjoyed about the selection of grannies.

At the end of the day, only Kate Beckinsale and Scarlet Johansson are in the same league as Bellucci in terms of the voting in these threads, IIRC. So, it seems most posters here agree with me.
Well, the questionable collective taste around these parts is one of the reasons I feel compelled to share my dissent.
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