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Re: Hey, um, anybody see Tuvok? *spoilers for Trek XI*

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I was under the impression the specific use of the phrase 'Lunar' is meant to distinguish Earth's Moon from others. Like how the phrase 'Terra' is meant to distinguish our planet from other 'earths'
Someone is following what I'm saying. It reminds me of the DS9 episode 'By Inferno's Light' where Dax questions the wisdom of going to warp while in a 'solar system'. There's only one Solar System and it's ours... Sol distinctly refers to our sun only. The correct generic term would have been 'stellar system' or specifically the Bajoran System. So following this line of thinking, as far as I can figure is that there must be a colony called Vulcanis on our moon.

Actually our sun does not have a name. Its simply called Sun. Sol means sun. Our moon has no name. Luna literally means moon. Technically this planet does not have a name either, since Earth or Terra means ground. Thus you can have an Earthquake on any planet. It just means shaking ground. We've come to accept the word for ground as the name of the planet. However, Europeans never bothered to give the sun or the moon a proper name.
In Trek, the "galactic" names for Earth things tend to be french. The Solar system is the Sol system, the moon is Luna, humans are called Terrans, and so on.
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