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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

And Cap is about not just the country but the ideals of the country. Freedom. That's who he is at his core. That's why Civil War caused him to rebel simply because it was taking away freedoms. Period. It wasn't about simply making sure there's a listing of who the "good guys" are, it was about putting heroes at risk or under the control of the government, which is something that Cap has NEVER liked. I think New Avengers sort of summed up his feelings on the matter, he liked doing what he has to do not because he was ordered to, he does it because its right to act.

- And no I didn't forget Disassembled, House of M, WWH, basically making a point that in the past TWO FRAGGIN' YEARS, we've had 3 major status quo changes. I mean, that's pretty damn crazy. We go from Civil War to WWH (which sorta spun out of the CW so I count everything from Civil War up to Secret Invasion as one story, then Secret Invasion as another, and now Dark Reign as another. - Disassembled and House of M were sorta tied together, so I count those as one too)

But really, we had less than a year of the new status quo when things were changed up all over again.
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