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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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This is not only unfair but untrue. Your first part is right. Cap is seen as a figure who unapologetically chants "U-S-A!". He does so REGARDELESS of who the POTUS is, REGARDLESS.

You only demonstrate YOUR bias with your second untrue statement.
Captain America is apolitical.
CaptainCanada wasn't addressing the 'truth' of the character, but his public perception, particularly outside the U.S. He's a character who dresses in the American flag, after all, and such overt 'patriotism' has become associated with a particularly virulent strain of American politics and the attitudes such an allegiance entails. The nuances of the character actually on the page are something altogether different.

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
Well by 2011 the masses outside our borders wouldn't care at all cause Obama will still be in office. CaptainCanada was making a personal statement, if he wasn't his point as you see it is moot and wouldn't have been worth mentioning. But he mentioned it so...
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