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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

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I saw it last night for the advanced screening, and I have to say - do not watch this film if you love the first one. Honestly, Bay hasn't improved the film in the slightest and this is annoying to say because the first Transformers film is in my top 3 films, but this one doesn't make the cut.

A modest 7/10 for me.
You trash the film and then give it a 7/10?

A bad movie should get 2/10 or3/10.

A 7/10 implies the movie was good.
I did "trash" the film, but as I've said in most of my posts, I did like the movie, just there were so many things that annoyed me about it. But looking over them I still can't deny the underlining fact that it's a Transformers movie, and my love of the first film brings this one up.

I thought the storyline was okay There were some very strange plotholes that I didn't like, like why they were so hung up on saving Megatron when they had The Fallen there lying in wait. It was things like that that annoyed me. My list of things I enjoyed about the movie is dwarfed by the list of the things that annoyed me.

Like for example the Autobots, we never got to really see them, or have a personality.
Oh, I'm sorry! I thought this was -- Zombie Jesus? What are you doing here?!
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