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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

^^ Eh, he's just in tune with the times. Today's audience sucks down that 'darker and grittier' bullshit like beer. nuBSG, nuTrek (even real Trek was doing it with the Borg), all the rape and death at DC; even good stuff like Firefly and Lost have fallen into the trap sometimes. And then you've got mainstream stuff like The Shield, Rescue Me, torture porn, et cetera, ad infinitum. It's the culture. Crap like "Civil War" and "Dark Reign" are just another part of the parody.

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The big book chains do have lots of trades but I don't see individual comics (floppies) there.
The Borders that I go to has a Comic rack with monthlies, and I think there's a Spider-Man magazine that is sold in the magazine section. But regular comics are too overpriced. They should go back to cheap paper and four colors. The glossy paper just makes them look, ironically, cheap and plastic anyway.
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