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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

Completely agree with you there. With an average price tag between 2.99 - 3.99 for a montly comic, they're now out of the "mommy buy me this!" range. Secondly, by not having them in more places, they're limiting their readership. I know they're kind of trying to compensate by doing the Online Comics thing, but that's not the same as picking up a stack of comics at the local drug store or Wal-Mart/Target/K-Mart/grocery store. I suppose they do SORTA do that with those "marvel adventures" magazine style comics that are sorta all ages, which aren't horrible, but not the regular monthly comics that "matter".

Civil War really changed Marvel for the worst, Marvel has actually gotten almost MORE depressing and screwed up.

I recall a line that Superman uttered in the JLA/Avengers crossover from a few years back - "Your own world be may a sorry, disgraceful shambles, but you're not going to bring your madness to ours as well."

Basically with the DC heroes going "what a mess! How did they let it get this bad?" and then the Marvel heroes going "They're practically idolized here!"

I mean, when they killed Cap it was like, they killed their "heart" or something. I mean, Cap is, was and always will be a hero. And they go and make him some kind of rebel? I dunno... JoeQ really has made a joke of the Marvel Universe. He's sucked it into the darkenss. Hell he fucked up Spider-Man and had the WORST idea ever, so bad that NO ONE WANTED TO DO IT, so he had to do the art himself. Why? He'll say it was because it was so important. I think it was because no one wanted to be the devil. And ol' JoeyQ put his horns and hooves on and went to the drawing board.

Who put that dickhead in charge anyway? Bring back Tom DeFalco! Bring back Bob Haras even! Hell I'll even settle for that ego maniac Jim Shooter!
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