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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

Please don't hit me when I say this - but I don't like going to comics shops. The one time that I have been there in a recent year, the staff were friendly but I get a little intimidated by the sight of nothing but comics all over. It makes me think that people need to be hard-core comics collectors (who can correct people like Thrall did earlier, about what exactly happened during a particular run and who were the people writing it during that time and what the reasons were) rather than people like me who has *gaps* all over and has no discernment (except for sticking to DC and Marvel mostly) in the stuff that I read except for it being available to me.

I much more prefer it when comics were available at the magazine sections of neighborhood grocery chains. They are completely out of comics now. Walmart doesn't have comics in their shops either. The big book chains do have lots of trades but I don't see individual comics (floppies) there. The grocery chains used to have it in the 90s and then something pushed it out (low sales?). I remember Spider-man and several Clone related floppies at the local grocery thing. That's where you get the kids and the young parents interested...

Anyway, that's my view...
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