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Devin from CHUD is calling it a "woeful disaster".

How am I not surprised...
On Twitter he posted "TRANSFORMERS is a disaster. A tedious, grueling disaster." He states that he enjoyed the first movie a lot but went on to ask of the second film "why is it so BORING? why is there so little action? Why so much slooooow bullshit?"
I dont know who he is, but: "Why is there so little action"? The guy clearly didnt watch the film, it's full of action.

An awesome movie. A better plot than the last one in my opinion, more Transformers, action ,explosions, some comedic moments, Megan Fox and many, many occasions where she is either running in full chest bouncing slow motion or slipping around in positions designed, (purely coincidentally I am sure), to show off as much a glimpse of her wonderous rack as can be. What more can a film require?
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