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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Counterpoint (**)

Frasier: Yes, you sit at the piano every Sunday morning and play Mahler for Maris. But you hate Mahler! Besides Maris, who doesn't?!
Aha, I knew it! Janeway is Maris Crane! It all makes sense now.

Counterpoint is an interesting episode but a few things hold it back from being good. My biggest problem is the romance between Janeway and Kashyk, not because I don't want to see Janeway in a romance or because I want to see her shacking up with a certain native American we all know well, but because I don't feel this was the right episode for a Janeway romance of the week. Kashyk has double-crossed his people, but he's actually double-crossing Janeway (which makes it a triple-cross), but then we realise that Janeway has double-crossed Kashyk (which makes it a quadruple-cross). Did Janeway really feel anything for Kashyk or was she just playing him? Did Kashyk feel anything for her or was he just playing her? The episode doesn't know, it is content to end without truly exploring anybody's real feelings.

Another problem this episode has is that the enemy ultimately wins, some telepaths may have escaped in the short-term but what the Devore really wanted was the location of the wormhole the telepaths are using to cross their space. They now know the last five locations of the wormhole and should be able to extrapolate where it will appear in the future, but the episode doesn't realise that Janeway lost and it plays out like a win.

I don't believe that Kashyk would just let Voyager go at the end, his excuse is that he doesn't want this failure on his record, but clearly this is just the writer's excuse for having Voyager not be impounded in the next episode. There's also the issue of where Tuvok and the other telepaths in the crew went to while the Devore were on the ship and why they were allowed to leave with Voyager.

The word I can best use to describe this episode is "interesting", but that is probably a damning remark. There's a lot of story potential here and the fact that the episode doesn't spin that potential into something good is a great loss for the show. I wasn't bored, but I feel this episode could have been so much more.

Two shuttles were taken by the telepaths, two torpedoes were fired.
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