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Re: I completed Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

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The weapons you get after you finish the simulation are worth it. The campaign itself wasn't much fun.

The other DLC releases have been much better (The Pitt and Broken Steel).

Point Lookout, the newest DLC, is due out next week (supposedly).
Indeed, my Winterized Power Armour has not deteriorated since I got it which is Great.

Operation Anchorage has definitely been the weakest of the DLC.

Still wearing mine through all the DLC.

Yeah, Operation Anchorage is the least value of all so far BUT it is on sale this week on XBL, 30% off I think.

IMO Broken Steel was the best.
I'm still playing little side missions from it.

I keep saying I'm just going to wait untill the GOTY version in October and just get it all togther but then I find myself just D/L'ing it anyway.

Fallout 3 is by far is the best value I have gotten in a game in quite a while.
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