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Re: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Grading & Discussion

i loved the first one and i FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE!


Jetfire and the Twins got a lot of laughs in my showing! Okay, I'm kinda disappointed Sideswipe and Arcee didn't get to do a lot, but what they did do was cool.

I absolutely loved Prime kicking Megs, Screamer and Blackout's asses. Even better was Primefire kicking Megatron and The Fallen's butts. Sideswipe's disposal of Sideways was cool.

The other thing that also irritated me a bit was the fact that Demolishor, Sideways and so many of the Decepticons never even got names.

Devastator is not the combiner we all know from G1. He's the combined form of six or seven construction vehicles, true, but Long Haul, Rampage et al are seperate from him, literally. He's after Simmonds whilst the others are scrapping with the 'bots.
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