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A Star trek CGI series

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I would love to see any show attempt to employ "A Scanner Darkly" methods.
Very interesting idea O'Dib.
I thought about it too last month but using live-action.

The downside is you would have to have the actors in basic costumes, pay the actors for screentime (vs. just narration), do all the rotoscoping work which is VERY time consuming as well as the cinematographer has to light it with some lighting for mood as the rotoscopers are basically emulating what they see.

It would be less work to do reference video with actors doing the narration.
The video sped up the animation processes of the facial movements. No costumes needed at all and no makeup.
Image Metrics is a animation company that uses mo-cap. and does cinematics for videogames. They used this technique for the God of War III videogame.
source: Post Magazine, May 2009 , page 26.
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